Why body fat percentage accumulates even if a person is having healthy diet n proper exercise?

 Question: Dear crunches, can you please share some inputs on Why body fat percentage accumulates even if a person is having healthy diet n proper exercise?



Im a Sports Nutrition coach, please consider this. On a Weight loss goal majority of the people eat clean foods like oats, Chapati, Brown rice, vegetables, etc but they do not experience good results. Lets evaluate 
Out of All the three Macronutrients , excess of Carbohydrates can turn to fat; Fat can turn to Fat but protein in rare circumstances turns to fat and generally Not. So your SELECTION OF FOOD, TIMING OF FOOD and PORTION SIZES play a critical role in your fat loss despite of eating clean health building foods. 
1. QUANTITY OF FOOD: The best meal plans will have several small meals equally spaced and divided. Ex: if your total calorie intake is 1800, Its better to have 6 meals of 300 calories each. If you eat one meal large meal, when there is an energy burst in the body, your body beyond its need to utilization is left with no option other than those calories to store as Fat.
2. QUALITY OF CARBOHYDRATES: Essentially any amount of carbohydrate intake can cause an insulin release/spike...the glycemic load of the carb source and the amount ingested will determine the severity of the insulin spike/release. That said, complex carbohydrates tend to be lower on the glycemic index and therefore elicit a smaller insulin response. That means unless you need a quick energy burst to take a sprint, its always preferred to pick Low GI foods . Example, pick Peach and Pear compared to banana . Pick brown rice compared to chapati . Just google for “GI value of Specific food” , the lower the value the better it is.
3. TIMING OF FOOD: Though Foods are healthy, eat based on purpose. Eat carbohydrates on what you goanna do next. Are you going for a jog? Are you sitting at the office desk? Are you sleeping? Based on your activity time your carbohydrates. That essentially meant, Carbohydrates should be timed around your activity. Pre, intra and post workout.
4. Calorie Deficit: You cannot lose fat without being on calorie deficit. So, determine your calorie needs and make sure you are eating at deficit calories.
5. Medications: Antipsychotic medicines and Medications related to diabetes like insulin tend to cause Gain weight.
As a general rule, you can eat 1-2 Palms full of grains, 2 fists full of lean protein and 1-2 thumbs of healthy Fat per meal with 1 serving of vegetable. Stop eating when you are 80% full. This should keep you lean for life.

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