How to start a career in fitness and nutrition

Question: I have a question and I am sure a lot of youngsters or fitness enthusiasts will benefit. If a person needs to start a career in fitness and nutrition, where should they start ? Are there any good part time courses that can be taken online which are well received globally.

For example there are plenty NASM,NSCA and many more. What courses/certifications/books would you guys recommend to start off and do we need a fitness background or bachelors to start which may not be possible for everyone ?
Answer: Just like Engineering has branched out to Computer, Mechanical and Civil Nutrition too branched out to Fitness Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Geriatric nutrition, Clinical Nutrition. Logically you hire a civil engineer to construct a building and not a mechanical engineer; you hire a sports nutrition coach for performance related Nutrition Ex: running a marathon, be stage ready for a beauty contest, to excel in boxing or cricket. 
A clinical nutritionist is more qualified to prescribe foods to improve any health conditions and advise on foods that may impact your health condition. With ageing skin, eroding bone density and shrinking muscles elderly has special nutrition needs- Geriatric Nutrition covers those needs.
Now just like IIM, ISB to local colleges offering MBA courses, there are many reputed to shitty organizations who run nutrition programs. From a full 5-year degree to weekend certification courses. Keep in mind, one CANNOT CALL NUTRITIONIST himself unless he is graduated, (MOST OF THE INSTAGRAM PROFILES WHO SAY THEY ARE NUTRITIONISTS ARE REALLY NOT ) you can add tags like nutrition coach/nutrition mentor etc and you can correspond to local laws about the designation.
Which college or University is the best highly corresponds to the course content, teachers, tools and technology used to coach, information portals and books. I have picked ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). The fundamentals of nutrition will remain the same. They teach what is Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Metabolism, Hydration. The whole difference is in the formulas, computations, energy needs calculation , Nutritional approaches. 
Now ISSA’s principles are tried tested on global athletes. You pick any top successful Nutrition coaching for example Guru Mann on Youtube ISSA produced amazing Nutrition concepts which rock . They are precise to make you stage ready. Not that rest are bad, they don’t make a big deal. In India there are INFS sponsored by FTTR, ACE, NASM. 
While most of the content overlap, None of these match ISSA. I have seen various sports nutrition content material from ACE, NASM and other top coaching organizations. Unfortunately ISSA’s principles are way different. Now, if you are applying for a job at a gym and looking for REPUTATION pick ACE/NASM etc. Its like having a Mercedes logo with a cheap Horse Power under the hood. If you are looking for Knowledge and wanting to apply the principles to transform people ISSA is your gateway. 
While many examinations are Multiple choice based with Yes/NO, ISSA tests you with Essays and checked for Plagiarism. You got to work your brain. Now, based on your budget, test options, test center options keeping in view the above points make a careful decision.
These are my views and personal opinions but do not construct this response as an intention to discredit or disrespect other teaching organizations.


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