What is intensity workouts & Benefits

Question : What is intensity workouts. Benefits of intensity workouts?

Answer: I am a certified Bodybuilding coach, please consider this. Many people opt for steady state cardio like Treadmills, cross-trainers on their Fat loss goal. To really torch the fat, you will want to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) two to three times per week at least. Doing high-intensity cardio training will preserve muscle mass during the cut much better than long, slow cardio will. 
Here are some of the parameters for you to follow in the weight room during your Fat Loss:
• Use Circuits, superset, tri-sets, and Drop-sets.
• Find other ways to increase intensity (Take shorter REST PERIODS, if you are taking a minute cut it to 30 seconds, If you are doing 12 REPETITIONS increase it to 20, If you are doing 3 SETS you can increase it to 5 sets, If you are using a 10 KG dumbbells for your exercise, increase the WEIGHT to 15 KG etc.) You can change the intensity by manipulating REST PERIODS, SETS, WEIGHTS and REPETITIONS.
• Keep rests between exercises as short as possible.
• Jumps, Sprints, Battle ropes, Jump ropes, Sled Drags or Push, Slam Balls can be used in between sets to make it effective circuits. The goal is to keep your heart rate elevated.

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