Is there any relation between workouts in gym and hair fall

 Question: Is there any relation between workouts in gym and hair fall?


 Answer:I am a certified bodybuilding coach, please consider this. You cannot deny the fact of Anabolic steroids being illegally sold and used by many gym goers is an undeniable fact. I always wondered why many pro-bodybuilders both on stage and off stage at gyms have bald head. While some may attribute workout stress alongside with regular everyday stress, to potential hair loss, THIS IS NOT LIKELY THE REASON. Exercise while temporarily increasing levels of cortisol (stress hormone), actually lower resting levels of the hormone, making hair loss due to stress, LESS likely.

In most cases, if it is not a genetic predisposition, anabolic steroids that increase levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main contributing factor. Although it is not a direct level of testosterone which increases hair loss, because the body converts testosterone to DHT at roughly 10%, the internal levels of testosterone may play a role in hair loss. It is less known if exogenous use of testosterone converts at this same percentage. 
People who perform their workouts without the use of anabolic steroids do not have to worry about their efforts causing hair loss. So a regular gym goer who does not know the side effects of steroids only will assume working out at gym causes Hair fall and somehow broadcasts a message that working out at the gym causes hair loss. 
So please check for mineral deficiency, follow a protein rich diet and supplement with Biotin and folic acid to see improvements or you can take the assistance of a qualified physician.

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