What time green tea is preferred to drink?

Question: What time green tea is preferred to drink?

What makes the difference between consuming green tea & Cinemon with lemon water at bed time.How do cinemon and lemon help for the body? Will it help to improve body metabolism to detoxing and reduce fat?

Answer:Coming to FAT loss, BEING ON CALORIE DEFICIT IS KEY. there is NO magic food . See how foods you mentioned aids in health.

Green Tea: While green tea was always marketed as weight loss drink, its more of anti oxidants which fight free radicals. Free ra
dicals are formed from fried foods, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides and air pollutants etc. these change the cell structure and harm the cells of the body and immune system. Anti Oxidants help to fight these free radicals. Sip it.

Vitamin C: Collagen is a protein and an important component of skin, ligaments, and bones. While vitamin C is needed by a performance athlete is 800 mg to 3,000 mg . You get 53 MG from a lemon. Also vitamin C is believed to boost up your metabolism and also oxidize fat when you exercise/activity.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon aids in lowering blood sugar levels and is rich in anti oxidants too. So stable blood sugar levels means your body conserves less fat. It also aids in boosting metabolism.


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