Best Excercises to burn belly fat

Question: Could you plz suggest me on how to burn belly fat and what kind of diet and exercises could help in getting back into shape ? 


Belly Fat:
Based on your genetics, your body decides where the Body should store the Fat. For majority of the females their lowers look huge even if their face looks puny. For gents Chest and Abdomen area is very common fat storage points. 
Weight loss foods:
People eat 2-3 roti at night, drink green tea, have lemon and honey, Follow Detox diets , Start having Milllets & Brown rice. How many actually transform? So there is NO SIGNLE FOOD THAT AIDS FAT LOSS. Eating at calorie deficit is the key.
DO NOT EMPHASIZE ON TUMMY. I see people in the gym screw their spine doing crunches, side bends and lot of abdominal workouts not realizing there is NO SPOT REDUCTION. YOU CANNOT DECIDE WHERE THE BODY SHOULD LIBERATE THE FREE FATTY ACIDS FROM YOUR BODY. Even if you do tummy workouts, you may lose facial fat or fat from chest area.
Your approach towards Exercise:
Given your investment of time in exercise try moving as many muscle groups as possible in a unit of time. Meaning, compound exercises and large muscle groups burn more calories. So, emphasize on total body workout OR chest, legs and back. Drop sets, super sets and circuits are the best. If you wish to workout at home, plz buy a resistance tube and a kettle bell. 1 hr of kettle bell swings alone will burn 1200 calories.
Your approach towards Nutrition:
When I make a meal plan , I prescribe meal plans in grams for precise results. A meal plan is made after looking at your body composition analysis report. So we can help you after you get your BCA done. But if you have to-do it on your own, follow my guidelines. 
2 FISTS FULL OF LEAN PROTEIN – chicken breast, Shrimp/Prawns, Egg whites, Whey protein
2 PALMS FULL OF GRAINS – Quinoa, Millets, Brown Rice, Amaranth seeds, Wild rice,Etc
1-2 THUMBS OF FAT – Olive oil, Ghee for cooking, Avocadoes, Nuts etc.
5-6 servings of colorful vegetables.
Stop eating when you are 80% full .
Foods to avoid: Any junk food, refined and processed food seemingly healthy.

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