Can anyone make six pack abs during bulking stage

Question: Hi Raj, I have a doubt. Can anyone make six pack abs during bulking stage. Or is it always abs first then bulking or bulkup then cut down to get abs. Please clear my doubt.


Answer: I am a certified Bodybuilding Coach, please consider this. Athletes have on season and off seasons, they don’t have Cutting Phase and Bulking Phase. Bulking Phase and Cutting phase is typical bodybuilding terminology. 
The Goal of the Bodybuilder is to look Huge, ripped and stage ready for a competition. 
The goal of the bulking phase is simple: to increase muscle mass! The bulking phase is also when the bodybuilder takes time to bring up his or her lagging body parts. The cutting phase is when you become conditioned that include losing fat, enhancing symmetry, and “tightening up,”. 
Is bulking and Cutting phase Real:??? - Bodybuilding is all about Drugs and Steroids. You can train with less frequency and still the drugs do the job for you doing the muscle protein synthesis round the clock. So people eat supernatural calories trying to accumulate Fat+Muscle. So they take some time out calling it a “cutting phase” to tri down the excess body fat.
But in a ideal world conditions Males can bio-synthesize 900 Grams-1.8 KG muscle mass on a monthly basis. So you really don’t need bulking phase and cutting phase. Certain days you can train for Growing your muscles in size and certain days for Fat loss.
Packing Muscle/Bulking Phase: Requires you to be on Calorie Surplus (Give more calories than your body need)
Cutting Phase/Fat loss: requires you to on calorie deficit (Give less calories than your body need)
Your Abs: You, I and every human will have their Abs and for majority is covered by Fat so you don’t get to see them. Once you Lose Fat, you automatically see them. Probably at 7-12% body fat ranges for males you will be able to see your abs even if you DON’T TRAIN THEM. Now, Abs are like any other muscles, if you wanna grow them in size you got to train them for Muscle Hypertrophy, Be on a calorie surplus.
The Best Approach: Calorie cycling
You either take time to straight get down to 7-11% body Fat to see your abs and start building the size being on Calorie Surplus. On a calorie surplus you gain Muscle+Fat . So couple of Days train for Muscle Hypertrophy where you gain size of your abs and couple of days in a week back off and be on a calorie deficit where you lose existing body fat. This approach will help you build lean muscular physique keeping your abs round the year while growing it in size.


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