Can I take supplements post workout?

 Question: Can I take supplements post workout?


Answer: I am a certified sports Nutrition coach. Please consider this. I see many people in the gym sip whey protein post workout as if it’s a super muscle builder. Your supplementation should be an overall part of your Nutrition but NOT A REPLACEMENT.

“Mass Gainer” : It creates an illusion of building Mass (god knows if its Fat mass or Muscle mass ) . IF YOU CAN GET ALL YOUR TARGET NUTRITION FROM WHOLE AND REAL FOODS, YOU DON’T NEED SUPLEMENTATION. 
Mass Gainers give you calories from different Types/sources of Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. For someone with Digestion issues, loss of appetite they can sip calories INSTEAD of eating to meet their calorie requirement. But if you are a normal healthy individual YOU CANGET ALL THESE BENEFITS EATING BROWRICE, SWEET POTATO, CHICKEN BREAST, EGG WHITES etc. Eat all Natural foods , Mass gainers are marketing bullshit. They are packing calories and giving you in a dabba. 
When do you benefit from Mass gainers? 
When you Strength train intensely depleting your body’s Glycogen stores (Glucose) Your body strips of Leucine, isoleucine & valine ( amino acids ) from your muscle tissue to meet the energy demands. SO it’s important to maintain your glycogen stores through constant feed of Carbohydrates Pre, intra and post workout. This may come handy then. Pre workout ingestion of Amino acids from whey protein will again preserve your lean muscle mass from being cannibalized during intense workout and also supply your working muscle with much needed amino acids to repair and recover. This can be used as a post workout drink .
Again, You can consider eating whole foods post workout too: Egg whites + banana is a good option. ONLY IF YOU CANNOT EAT REAL FOODS, DRINK THIS. OR PLEASE SKIP.

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