Facing problem with legs pain during Workouts

 Question: Hi sir i am trying to start weight loss program i don't know abt gym but first tym i m thinking to join in gym....... Me facing pblm with lot of legs pain and also feeling very deactive will u plz suggest me what type of deit shall i follow and one more doubt is shall i eat before gym or after gym if have to eat than how much gap should I maintain tnq in advance


Answer: Im a certified Bodybuilding coach. Firstly, we use mobile apps to coach people which will have all your workouts videos Audio/Video demonstrated. I would like to HELP YOU FOR FREE with the app to show you what to do in the gym, please call/whatsapp on 7780206383. so you know what to do in your gym and save a lot of money on training
Gyms are commercial places of interest; a gym is interested in selling you a membership so their job is done. They got their money. Personal trainers breed on clients pushing clients to take PT. Nobody on this earth is interested in transforming you. NEVER MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TALKING TO A TRAINER ON DIET, THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT NUTRITIONISTS THEY ARE TRAINERS. They are Internet made or self-made nutrition gurus who talk bullshit. Please consider this approach.
1. First get your Body composition Analysis done. Any VLCC center will do or you can buy a scale online
2. Understand how much Fat in KG you have in the body and how much muscle you have in the body
3. Your goal should be to preserve as much muscle as possible and lose as much fat as possible.
4. Results should be measurable with definite time periods and goals. You can aim to lose 0.5%- 1% body fat percentage on a weekly basis. Females are considered healthy below 30% body Fat. If you wanna look lean and athletic aim for 20-22% body fat. So you have an idea on how many weeks its gonna take you to transform.
5. Your calories are very unique to you base don your needs. People who wanna drop weight from 100 KG and 70 Kg should not eat a like. The same 2 roti at night, some oats in the morning type meal plans.
6. Nutrition: Be on a high carbohydrate meal plan (YOU DON’T NEED KETO, LOW CARB, Veeramachineni, Intermittent Fasting and crap) . Eat like an athlete and train like an athlete. Once you get your BCA done, please put it here, I will tell you how many calories you need to consume exactly, how to cycle your calories.
7. Exercises: For anyone who wants to lose weight on this earth going to a gym, Exercise selection will remain the same. SO blindly follow this advice. 
i. Understand what Neutral spine is, always maintain neutral spine. Pick all exercises with spine neutrality and reject exercises that does not call for spine neutrality
ii. Your sequence of exercise in the gym: Please start off with a 5-minute warm up on a treadmill or a stationary bike or cross trainer. Do warm up stretches of your joints likely wrists, ankles, shoulders etc (check YouTube). Do compound exercises (Back, Chest, Legs) exercises and end with foam rolling/stretching.
iii. Time your rest interval between sets to 30 seconds or less. Select 65% of 1 RM weight for your exercises (check YouTube for what is 1 RM) . Every repetition should be a full range of motion with a nice tempo for every repetition.
iv. Do not use treadmills/cycle/recumbent bikes to burn calories and get in shape. Be on 100% weight training. 
I would really like to help you and offer a FREE phone consultation (No selling, only educating you). As a give back, we expect you to help us grow this group by spreading awareness and adding your friends to this group so they can benefit too. You can still be independent following above principles. I train myself just as mentioned above.




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