Fish oil capsules vs Code liver oil capsules

Question: Can you compare fish oil capsules vs code liver oil capsules? Are code liver oil/capsules good for Vitamin D deficiency? Any risk for taking within recommended intake.


Cod Liver oil Vs Fish Oil:
Cod liver oil is very healthy as it has DHA, EPA, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Fish oil does not have vitamins D or A but has comparable healthy fat benefits. If you are getting sufficient Vitamin D and Vitamin A, then you do not need to consume cod liver oil if you are taking in fish oils. Fish oils contain include DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and ALA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid) Omega-3 fatty acids
Risks of Cod Liver Oil:
First, certain fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K can be toxic. Vitamin A in Cod liver oil interferes with Vitamin D absorption. So much so that in 2008, the non-profit Vitamin D Council issued a warning about the dangers of taking Cod liver oil. More of us are deficient in Vitamin D than Vitamin A. Taking Cod liver oil for a little bit of Vitamin A is not worth the potential harm of depleting your Vitamin D.
Second, unfortunately a lack of standards in processing of cod liver oil and possible issues of polluted fish as was the case in the 2010 lawsuit against many supplement companies. Cod fish have long life spans and unfortunately during that time, they accumulate environmental toxins. And the toxins are most concentrated in the livers.
Over All, if you are trying to get the benefits of omega 3’s , My advice would be to go with Fish oil and consider to include a different Vitamin D supplement, rather choosing Cod Liver oil.

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