Mohan Krishna's Success Story

Have you heard “Sangam Jagarlamudi”, A small remote town in Andhra Pradesh. I have to travel 15 Kms even to get my chicken and essentials. I just started my B.Tech 1st year, with studies it was difficult for me to concentrate on meals and workouts. The basic Gym was again another 15 Kms other side. I am into my 1st year B.Tech with friends who always carry some junk food, parties happening all the time, You know kids of my age right? The way I was coached, I overcame every single challenge , food cravings. 


When I started looking to the Crunches Mobile app and started doing those workouts, The local trainers discouraged me and always tried convincing me to buy their personal training plans. Month after month I started transforming and the people around me were still paying for personal trainings with not even a single inch loss. In this journey, I learned a lot of things, mend my ways of eating and evolving as a better human every day. I now have better control of my health.

Now, I am sure I am not giving up and with 2020 around the corner, my aim is even higher and I am sure Raj can guide me and I am confident with these people anything is possible.

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