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Question: Hi Raj! I have just gone through all your client posts. I feel this would be the right place. Would you mind giving some tips to loose belly fat. I have been exercising since 1 year but no use. Will it be possible to work out at home and get reduce belly fat. Can you also suggest what diet can be used to reduce the amount of fat. I usually spend 1 hour of time every day for exercise. You see I just have a problem of belly fat and rest of my body parts are in shape. Looking to hear from you


Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach and Bodybuilding coach. So please understand this. I see many people coming to the gym month after month and year after year. But understand gym is a place where you just burn calories and nothing great happens there. 
If you burn 300 Calories in a session and If you go over board with Carbohydrates( more than what body can use at a time beyond making muscle and Liver Glycogen) or eat some junk food, You are putting the fat back and just balancing resources. Now NEVER TALK TO gym trainers on diet. they give random advices like eat brown rice, oats, 2 roti at night. 
Also, never follow internet principles like Keto, veermachineni, Kadarali, Etc as these may lack balance in nutrition resulting in High Triglycerides in the body, Hair Fall due to lack of protein, make you Weak and Lethargic as the diets lack carbohydrates or proteins.
Now consider all the below points.
1. There is NO single specific food that is aimed at fat loss, Your over all calories consumed for the day matters. That will determine your energy, Fat loss, weight gain, Muscle loss etc. 
2. People who wanna become fit by default will do this: removes the Junk food from their diet, eat vegetables , brown rice, millets, etc.. But that is NOT how people become fit. IT IS PRECISELY THE CALORIE GAME. certain calories should come from Fat, carbohydrates and protein and you need to match the ratio. EX: Eating millets alone everyday will not make one fit. Drinking green tea never made anyone fit.Etc
3. Get your Body composition Analysis done understand the Muscle Mass in KG in your body, Fat in KG. DO NOT CONSIDER YOUR OVER ALL BODY WEIGHT, fat in the body is a dead weight, every single calorie you eat goes towards your muscle. So if you have 30KG, 40, or 50KG muscle that is how your calories are planned. someone Who wants to drop fat from 100 KG and other at 60 KG should not eat that same 2 roti.
4. Your calories are planned based on your activity level. if you operate a computer or go on a field job, hit the gym 5 days or 7 days. All these will influence your calorie intake. Your calorie requirement is unique to you like your clothes. One size does not fit all.
5. THERE IS no spot reduction. doing 10000 crunches will not give you six pack, so Dont even work on your abdomen exercises to lower body Fat. Crunches and Side bends are a strict NO. Lift weights to rev up your metabolism. That floor exercises, Aerobics , tread mills , cross trainers, Zumba , Yoga should be your last consideration. Pick right exercises. If your goal is to Improve joint range of motion, flexibility and mobility pick yoga. If your goal is to improve your cardio vascular health use Tread mill. If you enjoy dancing do Zumba, But DO NOT pick these instruments for Weight loss. You will NEVER EVER SEE TRANSFORMATIONS HAPPENING.
6. SO your gym time is for compound exercises and aim to keep your rest interval to 30 seconds or less.
7. Finally, goals should be specific, I wanna become fit in 2 months, I wanna lose 10 Kg in 2 months. You cannot waste your time & resources just like you lost one year not knowing definite time lines on your milestones and progress.
8. If you have to train at home buy a resistance tube and a kettle bell (everything under 1000 rupees or so) and you will see amazing results)

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