What is the best whey protien suitable for everyone

 Question: I am just curious to know ,which protein shake should we prefer,that is suitable for everyone ?!


 Answer: I am a certified sports Nutrition coach, please consider this. First when selecting a Whey protein consider your goals, budget, taste and availability. Now, Whey protein Isolate (WPI) should indeed be more pure than Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH) which is why WPI is more expensive than the other two. The costs change based on the Whey percentages, Availability of protein per scoop and combinations/blends. You get Pure Isolates, Hydrolyzed Whey Isolates (easy absorption) , Concentrate and Blends.

Advantages of Hydrolyzed Whey:
It is the most digestible whey protein for human consumption. It is Partially pre-digested for better absorption by humans. The protein molecules are split into smaller group called peptides. You may Not get high percentage of hydrolyzed whey as its expensive and also tastes horrible. 
The best brand:
I hear many people in the Gym speak Isopure is the best, ON is the best brand, Dymatize woks good. Infact there is no best protein brand, as long as someone is giving you what they advertise every protein brand delivers equal results. Go with any brand of your choice. 
Your selection:
If you are sedentary person or a recreational gym goer with some fat loss goal Concentrates, blends will do good. These are pocket friendly. If you are a serious athlete and understand sports nutrition well, then isolates will really help you with quick post workout recovery. The major difference is the TIME AND RATE OF ABSORPTION. You really don’t need isolates.
Word of help:
On, Isopure, Dymatize and all US brands are seemingly expensive because of the import costs. I put all my clients on an Indian manufactured brand called Muscle blaze just because its affordable. I prescribe them Muscle blaze Whey performance because of the cost affordability and it’s a good start point. We don’t endorse brands but sharing my views if it helps.

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