What is the difference between circuit training and lifting heavy weights with intermediate breaks

Question: Can you please help me with this.. What is the difference between doing Conditional Workouts like circuit training which we do with less breaks and lifting heavy weights with intermediate breaks... also why do we need changes in workouts and must not perform the same workouts continuously over a period?


I am a certified bodybuilding coach. Please consider this. 
What Happens When you perform Same exercises for Prolonged period:
Your body is a pretty smart machine and can adapt to Physical stress. Its called “SAID Principle” SAID- specific adaptations result from imposed demand) . It is the process of the body getting accustomed to a particular exercise or training program through repeated exposure. So you are advised to change your workouts every 3-4 weeks. 
Break time between sets:
I see people in India in the gym socialize , take long breaks, sip water , Spot and also wait for someone to finish the exercise . But in reality, serious athletes plan their rest interval.
If your goal is to build strength: 3-5 minutes of rest interval is desired
If your Goal is to build muscle: 60 Secs-90 Secs of rest interval is desired
If your goal is to elevate your target heart rate/Cardio: less than 30 secs of rest interval desired
Reason being, You build strength when you train at 85% of your 1 rep max with progressive overload. SO you need 3-5 Minutes of break to recover between sets, recharge and lift real heavy. If your goal is to stimulate your muscle (Hypertrophy training) You warm up the working muscle group with warm up sets, redirect the blood flow to the working muscle group and lift submaximal weights. You need not relax the working muscle group so a good 1-1 and1/2 minute rest interval should be a sweet spot. 
circuit training, your goal is to complete the prescribed exercises (I combine 4 or more exercises back to back to form a sequence) within a time limit. Circuit training is supposed to increase your metabolic rate and raise your heart rate. Do not rest during a sequence and do not rest between sequences unless absolutely necessary. The objective is to move through the circuit fast and nonstop; you want to beat your target time! After all, long breaks defeat the purpose man. This is extremely taxing on the cardiovascular system, for which the obvious benefits are a reduction in body fat and, of course, improved metabolic rate.
Many bodybuilders will opt for long, slow cardio during the cutting process. While I would not recommend this, champion bodybuilders have used this method to help with fat loss. So Circuits, complexes, Drop sets and super sets , temp sets are the gateway to Torch Fat.


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